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#1 2010-12-04 16:47:17

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Reanie, Prot Pally *Accepted*

Character: Reanie 80 Holy Pally.

1.Do you know anyone in Sons of God?

2.What role do you perform best at in a raid situation?
Healing(MS) but I am almost equally as good(or happy) at tanking(OS) if you require.

3.Is the applying character your main? Are you the account owner?
Yes and yes. ^^

4.Please tell us of your raiding experience in WotLK.
Well i use to be a hunter so i did alot of the ulduar/naxx stuff on it but on my pally i have done naxx (quit for the ulduar period but have done some boss's on and off. ) then ToC then ICC 12/12 till now.

5.What are your Professions and why did you choose them?BLacksmithing/Jewlcrafting both 450/450. I picked black smithing for the socket bonus's and I picked JC for the creation of gems(money $.$) and to have the JC gems(Dragon's Eye) (e.g. 34 int/str etc)

6.What is it you enjoy most about playing WoW? Exploring new content, I enjoy raiding/dungeons and PvP, even leveling/farming. I'm pretty well rounded.

7.What is your timezone?
Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +10 hours
Daylight saving time: +1 hour
(I live in Sydney NSW Australia)

8.Why did you leave your previous guild?
It's a friends guild and it's not going anywhere it was more of an idea than a practical guild.

9.Why do you wish to join Sons of God?
Well to be honest I've never been in a 'proper' raiding guild I've only ever been in random guilds e.g. Unforgiven/Alliance of Archangels and i wanna take raiding to the next step and not just pug. I'd like to do those heroic LK kills etc and I believe I could be a handy. big_smile
You guys seem to have a grip on things and I would like to raid with you/s.

10.What is your age?
28th July 1993. Currently: 17.

11.Gear Level. What content are you able to perform in effectively?
Item Level: 263 Which is approx. 6k GS Holy
I have been able to kill the Lich King healing but havn't done any H modes do to pugging never working.
(I have tanked 6/12 and sindy with 263 item level tank gear like 5.6k GS)

12.If you had to look up information about your class and/or spec where would you go?
I have a real life friend who farms H ICC 10/25 who is a skilled tank/holy. Another source may be '' but i believe information and tips come from exp. and sugguestions with other raid members. When it comes down to it you heal the way you see fit/comfortable with.

Armory Link: … &cn=Reanie

Thanks =]


#2 2010-12-04 16:59:08

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Re: Reanie, Prot Pally *Accepted*

+1 from me, switching to a tank APP


#3 2010-12-04 17:31:08

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Re: Reanie, Prot Pally *Accepted*

Your application has been approved, welcome to the guild


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