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About us

Sons of God started off originally as a Call of Duty United Offensive clan over 5 years ago, and has throughout the years been quite competitive in Call of Duty, and while we are still competing in the current Call of Duty 4 ladder, we have also decided to break out in the World of Warcraft scene.

Our founding member base are all members of former high end guilds of Frostmourne, such as, OVER NINE THOUSAND, Oracle and Twelve. We are use to being at the for front of progression, although we have decided that hardcore 25 man raiding is too much these days so we have cut down to a 10 man casual guild, that still aims to progress and kill bosses quickly. But at the same time we are not jerks, and if are willing to help bridge the gap in gear for trial members.

In Wrath of the Lich King we progressed to 11/12 ICC Hard modes in less then a month but could never get the fat lady to sing a full 12/12.

So far in Cataclysm we stand at 12/12 normal bosses cleared as a guild, and have a handful of heroics up our sleeve as well. We Raid 2 nights a week 3 if we are seriously pushing progression which at this stage are Wednesday and Sunday nights from 7pm until 11pm.


Blackwing Descent CLEAR!

Magmaw: DOWN
Omnitron: DOWN
Maloriak: DOWN
Atramedes: DOWN
Chimaeron: DOWN / Heroic Chimaeron : DOWN
Nefarion: DOWN

Throne of the Four Winds: CLEAR!

Conclave of Wind: DOWN
Al'Akir: DOWN

Bastion of Twilight: CLEAR!

Halfus Wyrmbreaker: DOWN / Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker : DOWN
Valiona: DOWN
Elementium Monstrosity: DOWN
Cho'gall: DOWN
Sinestra (Optional):

Baradin Hold: CLEAR!
Pith Lord Argaloth: DOWN

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