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#1 2011-09-11 16:15:24

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Morreau Feral/Resto Application

1.Do you know anyone in Sons of God?

No i don't currently know anyone from Sons of God

2.What role do you perform best at in a raid situation?

I have learned to play all three sub classes of druid and can play any effectively depending on the situation.

3.Is the applying character your main? Are you the account owner?

This character is my main and i am the account owner.

4.Please tell us of your raiding/heroic experience if any?

I have started playing WoW in the early beta and have been continually playing since then. I have done all vanilla content of Molten Core/BWL/Naxx then raided in BC and Wraith doing all the raids. I have three days ago just came back from a 4 month break from WoW shortly after cataclysm came out and would like to continue raiding once more.

5.What are your Professions and why did you choose them?

I choose enchanting because its a great way to make a nice flow of cash and also to help out the guild with their enchanting needs.

6.What is it you enjoy most about playing WoW?

I really enjoy the social raiding aspect of WoW. I like to be surrounded by friendly people, progressing through the game in pve content.

7.What is your timezone?

I'm from Australia so the raiding times are perfect.

8.Why did you leave your previous guild?

I left Vindictive a guild on Gundrak where i was from because i needed to take a break after raiding constantly for close to 7 years i think since release. The guild replaced my spot when i came back and i decided to migrate to Frostmourne to play with some friends and start fresh in this expansion.

9.Why do you wish to join Sons of God?

I really like the friendly, dedicated pve focus of the guild and after speaking to a few people from the guild i would really like to get to know them further.

10.What is your age?


11.Gear Level. What content are you able to perform in effectively?

My feral gear is 362 level and resto is 359. I know that its lacking but i am constatnly trying to upgrade it since being back the last 3 days. I have pugged Firelands and healed effectively the first 2 bosses. I believe what i lack in equipment at the moment i make up in experience and dedication.

12. Are you prepared to bring enough consumables to last the entire raid night? If so what consumables would you bring?

I always try to bring enough consumables to last a raid if not more. I would bring everything from buffs to pots to food.

13. If you had to look up information about your class and/or spec where would you go?
The one and only elitest jerks tongue

And finally please provide an ARMORY link for the character you wish to apply on. (And please remember to try and log out with the gear you intend to raid with) … eau/simple


#2 2011-09-11 18:32:29

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Re: Morreau Feral/Resto Application

Think you are going for feral dps in this spec? But you are missing Primal Madness. Nothing reforged, wonky enchants and gemming for feral deeps. Would like to see resto gear.


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