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#1 2011-07-10 00:09:16

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Fllap - 85 Resto Shaman

1.Do you know anyone in Sons of God?
Not particularly on friends basis but people I raided with and grouped with initially.

2.What role do you perform best at in a raid situation?
Clutch healing (Our benefit from mastery) and AOE healing, I also like to tank heal or have assigned targets due to its a change from my previous raiding character.

3.Is the applying character your main? Are you the account owner?
Yes this is my main, I am the owner of the account.

4.Please tell us of your raiding/heroic experience if any?
BC - SSC/TK/BT/Sunwell (after nerf), just about everything possible in the expansion.
WOTLK - Everything except for ICC (I stopped playing and sold my previous account), did most content on hard modes achieving each of the rewards from 25man dungeon achievements.
Cata - Have now done BOT, 2/6 BWD, 3/6 FL. Completed all of the heroics (I think). No raiding hard mode experience so far, have only really came back in the last few days and first gotten into raiding in this expansion.

5.What are your Professions and why did you choose them?
Herbing - Always loved the easy access and money making, also goes well with inscription.
Inscription - Havnt had a chance to level this yet, it was my profession on my old character as well and was very useful in WOTLK.

6.What is it you enjoy most about playing WoW?
The social aspect of the game, mainly in raiding and the challenges you are presented. I like to push for harder content due to it is more enjoyable.

7.What is your timezone?
+10 Sydney
8.Why did you leave your previous guild?
To join this one for a raiding spot hopefully, I am currently just a veteran in Twelve and am not raiding.

9.Why do you wish to join Sons of God?
Seems like nice inviting people with good progression and the right attitude

10.What is your age?

11.Gear Level. What content are you able to perform in effectively?
362, this has come from the last 4-5 days of working on my gear, it has bumped from about iLevel 345 since then.

12. Are you prepared to bring enough consumables to last the entire raid night? If so what consumables would you bring?
Yes, I always have flasks/potions/food ready for progression.

13.If you had to look up information about your class and/or spec where would you go?
-Elitist Jerks
-Life in Group 5
-Shaman Forums on Blizzard's site.
And finally please provide an ARMORY link for the character you wish to apply on. (And please remember to try and log out with the gear you intend to raid with) … lap/simple


#2 2011-07-10 00:13:46

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Re: Fllap - 85 Resto Shaman

decent druid aswell


#3 2011-07-10 11:01:11

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Re: Fllap - 85 Resto Shaman

the only thing I see there that I woulda kinda look into is the pros of having spirit link totem in your spec. Its a great raid wall for hard aoe healing fights and probs will be a must in heroic modes.


#4 2011-07-10 11:10:02

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Re: Fllap - 85 Resto Shaman

Yeh I have been meaning to change it, only realised it was there a couple of days ago when I started back up, is it semi new?


#5 2011-07-10 12:06:14

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Re: Fllap - 85 Resto Shaman

Its from 4.1 so a few months old now


#6 2011-07-10 14:43:31

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Re: Fllap - 85 Resto Shaman

+1, kept up in bear run in ZA, meters showed him not too far off our healing pros in that joke firelands run with sub par gear

if you can show up for 2 nights a week this will be the guild for you smile



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