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#1 2011-04-30 12:13:03

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My application.

1.Do you know anyone in Sons of God? Nope, fresh to server.
2.What role do you perform best at in a raid situation? Raid heals primarily.
3.Is the applying character your main? Are you the account owner? Yep.
4.Please tell us of your raiding/heroic experience if any? 9/12 downed in Cata, had failed/close attempts on Al and Nef. Feel comfortable on all of the above, yet to experience cho.
5.What are your Professions and why did you choose them? Alchemy and was Enchant but i rage quit and picked herb back up because i enjoy making my OWN flasks/Pots. I know Herb is shit raid wise, but it doesn't decrease my performance and it makes me happy in trowserz.
6.What is it you enjoy most about playing WoW? Pvp/Arena/Raiding.
7.What is your timezone? South Australia, think its gmt+10.30 now? 30 mins early to ST.
8.Why did you leave your previous guild? Wanted to transfer to a pvp realm.
9.Why do you wish to join Sons of God? Has good progression, this sort of application process usually means good things tongue
10.What is your age? 22
11.Gear Level. What content are you able to perform in effectively? 356 i think now or 355, not sure how the 353 gear works. Im Very comfortable with 11/12, like i said ill be reading up on cho if accepted.
12. Are you prepared to bring enough consumables to last the entire raid night? If so what consumables would you bring? Yep, Flask of draconic mind, severed sagefish, all my potions, (concentration, mana pot).
13.If you had to look up information about your class and/or spec where would you go? EJ
And finally please provide an ARMORY link for the character you wish to apply on. (And please remember to try and log out with the gear you intend to raid with)PLEASE NOTE: The new headpiece isnt gemmed/chanted yet. Didnt get chance when i logged on this morning! Will be later today though. … jaj/simple

Thanks, Jaj

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#2 2011-05-05 16:26:00

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Re: My application.

Hi Jaj, sorry for the lack of response but we are not currently looking for a Healer, infact your armory link doesnt appear to work perhaps due to the recent server transfer.


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