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#1 2011-03-07 21:19:26

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Raikaa, Prot/Fury warrior *Accepted*

1.Do you know anyone in Sons of God?
Not personally but I have met a few members ~

2.What role do you perform best at in a raid situation?
I can tank and dps though i'm a bit inexperiences with the fights ~

3.Is the applying character your main? Are you the account owner?
Yep ~

4.Please tell us of your raiding/heroic experience if any?
I'm quite confident in doing heroic dungeons though i've only started raiding for the last week or two ~

5.What are your Professions and why did you choose them?
Blacksmithing ~ So I could craft my plate epics ~

Mining ~ For the bonus 120 stamina and it goes quite well with black smithing ~

6.What is it you enjoy most about playing WoW?
Well i'm not really sure, it's just something i play to pass my time which I have a lot of I guess ~

7.What is your timezone?
UTC/GMT + 8:00

8.Why did you leave your previous guild?
I left because the guild lacked people to which I wanted to raid with ~

9.Why do you wish to join Sons of God?
Cause through my past experience with them they seemed like they have a nice and helpful community ~

10.What is your age?
18 ~

11.Gear Level. What content are you able to perform in effectively?
356 and I've only tanked magmaw so far though I have watched videos of other boss fights ~

12.If you had to look up information about your class and/or spec where would you go? for gear ~ and tgn youtube videos or specs ~

And finally please provide a ARMORY link for the character you wish to apply on. (And please remember to try and log out with the gear you intend to raid with) … kaa/simple ~

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#2 2011-03-08 05:36:27

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Re: Raikaa, Prot/Fury warrior *Accepted*

gear checks out for pre raiding. Nature will be along shortly to assess the rest as you will be an ot in his group.


#3 2011-03-08 15:39:07

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Re: Raikaa, Prot/Fury warrior *Accepted*

dude he was in the guild within minutes of finishing his app


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